This dynamic Graphic Design & Illustration course examines the design process, the principles of graphic design and illustration and outlines basic skills needed for obtaining a career in art and design.

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About the Course

This course utilizes entertaining videos and engaging PowerPoint® presentations, along with pre-made lesson plans, projects and activities to make prepping for classes easier. Set up to be either teacher-led or student-paced, the course provides the basis for students to communicate effectively through graphic design. This course is designed to be used with any type of software program, whether students are using a basic word processing program or an advanced design program so students can become better designers at any level and in any setting.

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Graphic Design Basics: Color Theory

Explore how to use color in design to evoke emotion and capture attention!

Accompanying Resources


Lesson Plan


Bad Color Design Activity


Color Design Project


Vocabulary Handout

Graphic Design & Illustration Course Playlist

The Graphic Design & Illustration course playlist will be available for preview Summer 2018 with the course launching Fall 2018. As new lessons are added they will appear in the course playlist.

  • History & Evolution of Graphic Design
  • Legal & Ethical Responsibilities in Graphic Design
  • Introduction Digital Communications
  • Introduction to Microsoft Office
  • Critiquing Artistic Designs & Media
  • Drawing Basics
  • Design & Layout Principles
  • Graphic Design Basics: Color Theory
  • Graphic Design Basics: Typography
  • Graphic Design Basics: Composition
  • Graphic Design Basics: Printing
  • Fundamental Photography
  • Creating A Portfolio for Digital Media Careers
  • Entrepreneurship in Design
  • Virtual Field Trip – Contract Cre8ive
  • Virtual Field Trip – Slate Group