The American Meat Science Association Culinary Meat Selection & Cookery Certification equips students with the skills necessary to thrive in the culinary industry.



Certification Overview

Developed in collaboration with the American Meat Science Association, the Culinary Meat Selection & Cookery Certification equips students with the skills necessary to thrive in the culinary industry.

In addition, the certification addresses major topics such as culinary techniques and methods, food safety, meat selection and grading, and retail cut identification. The certification consists of 10 modules and a 100-question final certification exam.

"For students looking to start a career in the culinary arts, this new certification provides a viable path towards a successful and rewarding career in the culinary industry."

Thomas Powell, Ph.D., CAE
Executive Director
American Meat Science Association


  • Family & Consumer Sciences


  • Gain in-depth knowledge of meat science and food safety including meat storage and handling practices, meat cooking methods, food safety practices and causes of foodborne illnesses.
  • Explain the factors which affect food palatability, describe and perform quality-assurance testing on food products, interpret quality-assurance test results and apply corrective procedures.
  • Introduce students to proper knife care and use, the different cooking methods which can be referenced in a recipe and the preparation and storage of ingredients and tools.
  • Explore different types of meat, poultry and seafood, as well as different preparation methods which are used in the professional kitchen.
  • Analyze USDA grade standards for beef carcasses, define the major factors utilized in quality grading beef carcasses and gain a thorough understanding of beef carcass quality grading.
  • Define the major factors utilized in beef carcass yield grading and learn the fundamentals of accurately calculating final USDA beef carcass yield grades.
  • Identify different parts of a poultry carcass and understand how to evaluate further processed poultry meats.


  • Background of the American Meat Science Association

  • Meat Science & Food Safety

  • Food Quality & Palatability Factors

  • Introduction to Culinary Techniques & Methods

  • Meat, Poultry & Seafood

  • Beef Grading: Quality

  • Beef Grading: Yield

  • Retail Cut ID

  • Evaluating Ready-to-Cook Turkeys & Broilers

  • ID of Poultry Parts & Further Processed Poultry Meat Products Evaluation