Available Fall 2019


The Ducks Unlimited Ecology Conservation & Management Certification provides students with a solid understanding of ecological principles.

Certification Overview

The Ecology Conservation & Management Certification, developed in collaboration with Ducks Unlimited, verifies that students have obtained exceptional knowledge and skills in the areas of ecological principles and wildlife management, as well as habitat, forest, grasslands wetlands and waterfowl conservation management.

The certification consists of 12 modules and a 100-question final certification exam.

"It's important that students understand not only the conservation and ecology of wildlife and wildlife habitat, but also their personal roles as future stewards."

Mark Horobetz
Manager of Youth and Education Programs
Ducks Unlimited


  • Agricultural Science


  • Identify ecological systems, and evaluate methods of monitoring and sustaining ecosystems.
  • Discuss the benefits of wildlife management, define habitat and habitat components, and identify wildlife management techniques.
  • Understand The North American Model of Wildlife Conservation, analyze the importance of wildlife conservation, and identify various agencies and laws pertaining to wildlife conservation.
  • Explore characteristics of wildlife populations, and analyze the factors affecting them.
  • Learn common terms and habitats for game and upland birds, waterfowl, predators and furbearers, as well as non-game animals.
  • Compare and contrast different habitats, and apply different management techniques to habitats.
  • Define the different forest, grasslands and wetlands components, discuss the benefits they provide, and identify different techniques for conservation.
  • Learn the general biology of waterfowl species, understand how waterfowl interacts with and responds to the environment, and define the energy requirements of waterfowl.
  • Identify the different techniques of waterfowl conservation, and discuss the benefits that waterfowl provide.


  • Ecological Principles
  • Wildlife Management
  • The North American Model of Wildlife Conservation
  • Wildlife Population Ecology
  • Wildlife ID Series
  • Principles of Habitat Conservation
    & Management
  • Forests: Conservation & Management
  • Grasslands: Conservation
    & Management
  • Wetlands: Conservation & Management
  • Wetlands: Ecosystem Goods & Services
  • Waterfowl Ecology
  • Waterfowl: Conservation & Management